August 31 - September 9, 2018
Opening Reception, Friday August 31 from 6 - 9pm

Installation shot of Emma Ponath

Installation shot of Emma Ponath

Molly Hassler
Ariana Vaeth
Jenna Rose Marti
Emma Ponath
LaNia Sproles
Emma Smith
Jordin Alanis
Kelsey Parks
Rachel Horvath

In the traditional practice of hunting, an “earth stopper” was an individual who “stopped,” or blocked the entrances to foxholes so that during a subsequent fox hunt, the animal wouldn’t have an escape route into the ground. In terms of folklore, the fox has a long history of magic and cunning associated with it. In the Northeast, Midwest and Plains Native American tribes, the fox is an animal spirit associated with intelligence and wisdom who would occasionally aid animals and people solve minor problems. In the Ch'u Kingdom of China foxes were believed to possess copious vital force because they live in the earth and are therefore close to the generative powers of the Earth itself. Using the mythological fox as a vessel for the swift and charming answer that always eludes us as we chase our chosen medium, we often act as earth stoppers ourselves.

In the show EARTHSTOPPER the marriage of the two words serves as a double meaning in relation to the emerging artists involved; creating a duality between old traditions and fresh-fated quests of story-telling. From the centuries-old practice of painting and sculpture to newer frontiers such as digital photography, we are the ones who halt the caves that grow within us in-between semesters, post-graduation, or perhaps for even just a moment. We are young and hungry and ready to run. EARTHSTOPPER reveals the rituals, sacrifice, and habituated mentalities that manifest in our constant hunt for the ephemeral. The artists chosen for this exhibition provide their own personal truths in conjunction to their chase for the ever-changing and shapeless silhouette of success.